Black Ambush

These girls are going to have sex with a black man today. They just don't know it yet.


ADDED: May. 27, 2017 - Tara
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19 year old Irish-American nurse Tara works too much to date boys but likes to have the occasional fun with big cocks. It's been many months since she broke up with her boyfriend and she hasn't had any sex since. At all. She thinks that maybe the porn industry can help. Luckily for us, we were the first ad she replied to on her quest to cum n' go. Not that our ads mention anything about a huge black guy...
Tara is excited to see what today's mysterious shoot will bring. We're always sparse...(READ MORE ABOUT TARA)

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ADDED: May. 20, 2017 - Barbara
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Married and sexually unfulfilled California blonde Barbara sounded so shy and nervous about doing her first porn video when we talked over the phone, we have to double check to make sure the right girl is sitting in front of us when she tells us cock-raising sex stories from her High School days. Like the one about being double penetrated - "one in my ass, one in my pussy - and I loved it". A few more minutes of hanging with Barbie and it's clear this girl is a genuine sex freak, one even her...(READ MORE ABOUT BARBARA)

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ADDED: May. 13, 2017 - Taylor
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YOLO! It doesn't get much more fun than hanging out with busty Mexican-American cock tease Taylor. She is bubbly, happy, and sexy regardless if the cameras are running or not. We spend some time hanging out for Cinco de Mayo getting stares on her massive tits before we head off to the "studio" (ok, cheap hotel) for Taylor's very first porn shoot. She's so excited to get some side cock - as long as her husband doesn't find out! That's right, big boob babe here is married and wants to be playing...(READ MORE ABOUT TAYLOR)

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ADDED: May. 06, 2017 - Jessica
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19 year old beautiful blonde first timer Jessica has only done foot fetish videos before. She'll tell you all about it during her interview and even demonstrates how she does it. Foot fans, that segment is mandatory viewing for you. After that we focus on what we're here for - Jessica's first bona fide porn shoot. Like many girls her age, she wants to start earning some real money and having done those foot fetish clips for her fans, she feels comfortable doing some REAL porn now. Luckily for...(READ MORE ABOUT JESSICA)

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ADDED: May. 01, 2017 - Skye
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Skye Avery recently got started in the porn biz. She looks like a hotel receptionist because, well, that's what she used to be until recently. But making money having sex just seems like a lot more fun to Skye. Our blonde vegan cutie believes that today is just another "boy/girl" shoot. Well, we didn't exactly lie about that. But what she doesn't know yet is that the "boy" is a huge black man with a big cock. Skye has never been with a black man before. Usually this can be a bit too much for...(READ MORE ABOUT SKYE )

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ADDED: Apr. 29, 2017 - Marley Walkout
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How was your week? Probably better than ours. Wanna see the type of stuff they don't teach you in porn school? Then meet Marley. A petite little local ex-stripper of all but 21, with a bubbly personality, cock-raising sex stories, and a (seemingly) open mind. There is one red flag she raises during the interview, and it comes to bite us in the ass a few moments later, big time. After we get to know our local go-go dancin' fairy, a knock on the door announces our man JD, ready to pounce on this...(READ MORE ABOUT MARLEY WALKOUT)

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ADDED: Apr. 22, 2017 - Anne
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Anne Adams isn't a total newb to porn. In fact, she's been making a living doing foot and legs fetish videos for some time, and has now begun doing bona fide porn. In fact, tomorrow she'll be flying to LA to shoot for a variety of porn sites and make a name for herself. What Anne hasn't done yet, however, is fuck a black dude. Not in her personal life, and not on camera. Anne thinks today is just another regular "boy girl" shoot. When she learns that someone other than her interviewer will be...(READ MORE ABOUT ANNE)

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ADDED: Apr. 15, 2017 - Susan
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Yes, we had to do a double-take too - 24 year old Susan doesn't exactly look like the type of gal who is just dying to get into the porn biz. Well, she isn't. Susan works at an office full time and also attends college. To say she's busy is an understatement. But she needs money, and besides porn there aren't a lot of options where you can make the equivalent of a semester's tuition in just a few hours. Susan knows just enough about what goes on in porn movies to know what's expected of her. You...(READ MORE ABOUT SUSAN)

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ADDED: Apr. 08, 2017 - Brittany
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Brittany is only 18 (yes, really) and has slept with more guys than she can count on her pretty little fingers and toes. However, she hasn't watched porn before and is only here because she's heard porn = loads of money. Well, this ain't the 1990s when a VHS porn tape cost fiddy bucks and the producers made out like bandits. We're not about to tell her what she'll be doing today - or with whom. She'll find out soon enough. But anyway, about Brittany. Super cute obviously, and despite looking...(READ MORE ABOUT BRITTANY)

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ADDED: Apr. 01, 2017 - Synth
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Synth. Don't ask, she came up with this. At 19 we have to forgive some odd name choices. Let's hope once her dad, who called right when we got started, can appreciate that once he finds her video on the interwebs.
The "big black man" walking into the room instead of Rick being the male talent doesn't phase this teen much. She's never been with a black guy before but that doesn't stop her from playing around with JD's massive schlong in wonderment. She gags herself on it and we have to...(READ MORE ABOUT SYNTH)

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