Black Ambush

These girls are going to have sex with a black man today. They just don't know it yet.


ADDED: Apr. 08, 2017 - Brittany
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Brittany is only 18 (yes, really) and has slept with more guys than she can count on her pretty little fingers and toes. However, she hasn't watched porn before and is only here because she's heard porn = loads of money. Well, this ain't the 1990s when a VHS porn tape cost fiddy bucks and the producers made out like bandits. We're not about to tell her what she'll be doing today - or with whom. She'll find out soon enough. But anyway, about Brittany. Super cute obviously, and despite looking...(READ MORE ABOUT BRITTANY)

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ADDED: Apr. 01, 2017 - Synth
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Synth. Don't ask, she came up with this. At 19 we have to forgive some odd name choices. Let's hope once her dad, who called right when we got started, can appreciate that once he finds her video on the interwebs.
The "big black man" walking into the room instead of Rick being the male talent doesn't phase this teen much. She's never been with a black guy before but that doesn't stop her from playing around with JD's massive schlong in wonderment. She gags herself on it and we have to...(READ MORE ABOUT SYNTH)

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ADDED: Mar. 25, 2017 - Adrianna
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Curvy Arab first timer Adrianna is in for a quite a few surprises today. When Troy picks her up from the airport, she's super excited about her first ever porn shoot. This quickly changes as she finds out that things aren't going the way she had hoped. No studio. No makeup artist. No catering or ...well, anything else a young porn hopeful might expect from her first shoot. Her attitude is not surprisingly pretty sour once she sees the fleabag motel she is to do her first scene at. Troy has to...(READ MORE ABOUT ADRIANNA)

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ADDED: Mar. 18, 2017 - Yuliana
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It just don't get whiter than that - 19 year old redhead Yuliana is of Russian and Irish descent, and her skin turns red as a lobster when temps go above freezing. Not that anyone would notice, what with her enormous, fantabulous, stupid-large tits. There's a good bit of her playing with them in the car, just for you boob lovers. She also discusses her (if true) insane sex life as Troy tries to not have an accident - on the road or in his pants. She's pretty flirty with him, thinking he is the...(READ MORE ABOUT YULIANA)

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ADDED: Mar. 11, 2017 - Layla
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Layla is an 18 year old stunner with a brief history in web-camming. The promise of easy money has Layla dip her manicured toes into the porn pool today. Being all about the Benjamins, our teen never asked about the "male talent" she was supposed to work with today, so we didn't tell her.
Troy meets her at the coffee shop as agreed and immediately he rips out a piece of her heart by telling her the fancy studio isn't happening today. Damn, Layla thinks, she was looking forward to some...(READ MORE ABOUT LAYLA)

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ADDED: Mar. 04, 2017 - Alexa
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It's Christmas Eve and instead of exchanging love and presents with her family, 18 year old Alexa's face changes from excitement to momentary shock when black stud JD enters the room without a warning. Alexa pushes her body back on the bed, as if to escape what's coming. Realizing there is no way to hide, our teen composes herself enough so as not to offend the black stud, who she senses is going to be the man that's going to be her partner for her very first porn shoot.

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ADDED: Feb. 25, 2017 - Jules
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18 year old redhead Jules is a part time webcam girl, part time waiter, with a drive to be the next big pornstar and keep her boyfriend happy letting him know about the filthy stuff she's doing with other guys. Troy picks Jules up from the airport and keeps her thinking that they are on the way to the studio where she'll do all the cool things pornstars do. Pretty still pics, nice lighting, comfortable surroundings, and a fit, young white dude to seduce her on camera.
Troy gets that...(READ MORE ABOUT JULES)

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ADDED: Feb. 18, 2017 - Salina
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Slightly overly confident Native American Salina is 20 and tries hard to point out how hypersexual and awesome in bed she is. The 5'5 foot small girl next door fancies herself an aspiring model, and not of the porn kind. But that's where she ended up today anyway, thanks to...economy? Politics? No, probably just bad choices and laziness. But she didn't lie about the sex freak thing.
Salina was somewhat shocked when Rick surprised her with big black cocklord JD, instead of some skinny...(READ MORE ABOUT SALINA)

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ADDED: Feb. 11, 2017 - Kyra
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20 yo Kyra just moved from cold Wisconsin down here for a guy. Fast forward a month and our blue-eyed Cheesehead finds herself with no boyfriend, a crap job at an all-night diner, and an itch to maybe pursue the whole porn business thing. Problem is, she doesn't want porn and doesn't really know what to expect other than glamour pics, studio, lights, and a handsome man to take her breath away.
Unfortunately for Kyra, her streak of bad luck didn't end with her move. Today there is no...(READ MORE ABOUT KYRA)

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ADDED: Feb. 04, 2017 - Jasmine
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Ok we're fibbing here a bit with the main pic. Jasmine isn't REALLY about to cry because she has to fuck a black man with a gigantic cock. She's about to cry because she's told she needs to let that big black man with the gigantic cock fuck her in the ass.
Okay, also not really true. Yes, we do challenge her to let JD fuck her in her tiny ass. But she agrees willingly because she's all about "challenging herself sexually".
We promised porn first-timer Jasmine a nice first shoot -...(READ MORE ABOUT JASMINE)

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