Black Ambush

 These girls are going to get a BBC Surprise today. They just don't know it yet!

Kayley Gunner

Kayley Gunner's Scene Pic

"Well how are you?" inquired Isiah Maxwell our BBC of unsuspecting Kayley Gunner as she entered the ambush bathroom. "Better now" she declared with a surprised and embarrassed smirk on that pretty face that Jake the director just unloaded a stick gob of goo in just 2 minutes prior. I just love the surprised looks on our ambushee's faces as they try their darndest to not stare at Isiah's massive black cock as he approaches to survey the goodies he's about to devour moments after the BBC...(READ MORE ABOUT KAYLEY GUNNER)

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Video Thumb2: Kayley Gunner
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Video Thumb4: Kayley Gunner
Video Thumb5: Kayley Gunner
Video Thumb6: Kayley Gunner
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Video Thumb9: Kayley Gunner

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