Black Ambush

 These girls are going to get a BBC Surprise today. They just don't know it yet!


ADDED: Aug. 08, 2020 - Remi Jones
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How do you define a newbie? Well, if you're one fuck away from being a virgin, a lesbian and going to get your first BBC, then a newbie would be 18 year old Remi Jones. Remi has only had one dick in her life, and that belongs to our talented and always hard director, Jay. Just a few weeks ago he popped that sweet, innocent cherry on and then went in for the whole pie. Now she's back for another round of dick from Jay, or so she thinks. Well, actually, she does get...(READ MORE ABOUT REMI JONES)

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ADDED: Jul. 25, 2020 - Kayley Gunner
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"Well how are you?" inquired Isiah Maxwell our BBC of unsuspecting Kayley Gunner as she entered the ambush bathroom. "Better now" she declared with a surprised and embarrassed smirk on that pretty face that Jake the director just unloaded a stick gob of goo in just 2 minutes prior. I just love the surprised looks on our ambushee's faces as they try their darndest to not stare at Isiah's massive black cock as he approaches to survey the goodies he's about to devour moments after the BBC...(READ MORE ABOUT KAYLEY GUNNER)

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ADDED: Jul. 11, 2020 - Katelyn James
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Katelynn James is here to take her first black cock, but she doesn't know it yet! No stranger to many of you being she is one of our most popular amateurs on, go check that scene out as she takes a ride down the hershey highway! This girl loves cock so much, she came back for what she thought was another go with Jake the director who violated our little amateur's ass once already. Jake uses his patented magic touch to give our girl the finger fucking of a lifetime and...(READ MORE ABOUT KATELYN JAMES)

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ADDED: Jun. 29, 2020 - Andi Rose BTS
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Andi Rose and Isiah Maxwell... we need just a little more effort out of you two today. We just don't think you're giving it your all we think, LOL. And if you believe that then you haven't seen these two and the chemistry between them in last week's update. Lately there's been just so much great content from the shoots we couldn't include the BTS, interview with makeup, post shoot thoughts and shower with another fucking and cum without making the main video two and half hours long. So instead...(READ MORE ABOUT ANDI ROSE BTS)

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ADDED: Jun. 27, 2020 - Andi Rose
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Put on your raincoats because today 23 year old, squirting phenomena Andi Rose stopped by the BlackAmbush hotel for her first sex on camera. Now of course she thinks she is here to fuck on the big screen with white boy director Jay and he meets her outside as she drives up. "Oh damn you're cute" he declares as self-proclaimed tomboy Andi emerges from her car. Now Andi may be a tomboy but there is nothing boyish about this girl's fine ass body, and I do mean FINE ASS. Andi likes to hike to stay...(READ MORE ABOUT ANDI ROSE)

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ADDED: Jun. 13, 2020 - Hazel Heart
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Sweetness alert! And I mean hot as fuck sweetness to be exact. Feast your nasty and perverted as fuck eyes on 18 year old Hazel Heart who was speechless when she walked into the bathroom and saw Isiah's BBC at full attention. Yes Hazel has fucked a black guy before. They say you never forget your first and Hazel remembers hers! Oh yeah, she lost her virginity a few years back to a brother, but in her own words "he didn't have a very big dick". Sorry man but the truth hurts sometimes but lucky...(READ MORE ABOUT HAZEL HEART)

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ADDED: May. 30, 2020 - Savannah Parker
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Savannah Parker is as cute as they come with a sweet natural body! She's never been with a black guy before and today she thinks she's there to fuck the director Jake. Jake does his usual, gets our girl so horny for cock she's begging for it. Savannah gets the finger fucking of a lifetime from Jake which makes her squirt for the First time and that gets her on her knees to choke on Jake's big cock. This girl is so horny after sucking and fucking, which happens outdoors, when she goes indoors...(READ MORE ABOUT SAVANNAH PARKER)

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ADDED: May. 16, 2020 - Ashley Manson
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Welcome Ashley Manson, here today to take her First big black cock, providing of course she goes through with it once we lay the surprise on her. You might recognize her as "Candi", she appeared on ExCoGi a few months back. Today white guy Jake has her in the shower gobbling on his big dick and getting her pussy warmed up while Isiah waits on the bed and after some play Ashley declares "I'm ready to get fucked". Best part of her finding Isiah on the bed with his BBC at full attention? Ashley...(READ MORE ABOUT ASHLEY MANSON)

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ADDED: May. 02, 2020 - Annette
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Who's getting ambushed today? Well feast your eyes upon super sexy Latina, Puerto Rican and Dominican mixed Annette as our latest ambushee. I think we all need to take a trip South of the boarder or to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean so we can all sample the fine ass girls down there don't you think? Just watch this and you'll come to the same conclusion that this sweet 18 year old is one of the sexiest girls to grace the Ambush bed sheets lately, and lets just say white boy director Jake...(READ MORE ABOUT ANNETTE)

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ADDED: Apr. 18, 2020 - Nikole Nash
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What do you get when combine a redhead with a big black dick? About 20 orgasms and one sore pussy! Newcomer Nikole Nash thinks she's starting out her porn career with the director, surprise! It's actually porn star Jax Slayher and his big black snake! Nikole doesn't seem to mind the change up and can't take her eyes off Jax's huge cock, she was truly mesmerized by it. But truth be told, she'd much rather be fucked by it and Jax is happy to accommodate her! We're not sure if 20 something orgasms...(READ MORE ABOUT NIKOLE NASH)

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