Black Ambush

 These girls are going to get a BBC Surprise today. They just don't know it yet!


ADDED: Jan. 23, 2021 - Fiona Frost
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Here is Fiona Frost taking her First BBC, this is not to be missed. And if you haven't yet, go check out her first ever scene, an anal at Backroom Casting Couch and 2 scenes at ExCoGi including a threeway with her ex-roommate.(READ MORE ABOUT FIONA FROST)

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ADDED: Jan. 09, 2021 - Sophia Sweet
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Why is everything so BIG with you guys? Just because Miss Sophia Sweet and everything is better when it's bigger, and when it's on Black Ambush. Yes 21 year old Sophia is quite surprised to say the least when she's instructed to take Jake the director's cock out to suck on as she's getting interviewed for her first sex on camera. Yeah you know the story. Girl shows up to have sex with a white guy. White guy tricks her into sucking his cock. Girl asked if she wants to have white guy fuck her and...(READ MORE ABOUT SOPHIA SWEET)

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ADDED: Dec. 26, 2020 - Angel Blue
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Are you still feeling the Christmas Spirit? Well we have just the thing to inject some spirit into you if you're not. It's Angel Blue fresh off the Casting Couch and she's returning for her second sex on camera with white boy director Jay. Yeah you know the story. She thinks she having sex with Jay but we have a very special present waiting back at the condo for her by the name of Isiah Maxwell. Ok she's been with one black guy before we find out but according to Angel he didn't live up the...(READ MORE ABOUT ANGEL BLUE)

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ADDED: Dec. 12, 2020 - Destiny Cruz
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Here is Destiny Cruz taking her First Ever BBC and she had no idea it was about to happen.(READ MORE ABOUT DESTINY CRUZ)

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ADDED: Nov. 28, 2020 - Alexia Anders
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The wait is over. Here is sexy Alexia Anders and her First ever sex on camera and First time taking a black cock in her life. There's something about a girl enjoying her first BBC and cumming again and again. Enjoy(READ MORE ABOUT ALEXIA ANDERS)

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ADDED: Nov. 14, 2020 - Bailey Base
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Halloween might be over all you deviants, but boy do we have a TRICK, and a TREAT for you today. So if you're familiar with our other sites BackroomCastingCouch and ExCoGi then you're familiar with 19 year old Bailey Base and her anal debut and first sex on cameras over there. If you're not? GO CHECK THEM OUT because now the tri-fecta is complete with the help of BBC Isiah Maxwell for all her firsts on camera. So Jay the director picks up little Bailey at the airport and finds out that our...(READ MORE ABOUT BAILEY BASE)

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ADDED: Oct. 31, 2020 - Selena Love
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Today we have Selena Love, a down to fuck 19 year old game for anything but today anything is going to be a big black cock, she just doesn't know it yet! Selena was exploited a few months back at ExCoGi and thinks she's back to shoot with Jake again but we know different don't we. After stuffing her mouth with Jake's huge dick she goes into the bathroom only to be surprised by Isiah, sporting his massive black man meat, which Selena is all too happy to suck! After getting her pussy reamed out in...(READ MORE ABOUT SELENA LOVE)

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ADDED: Oct. 17, 2020 - Bri Klein Kai West 3way
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We've got a special treat for you Ambush fans this week, we're going to double your pleasure with two smokin' hot girlfriends in their First Ever porn shoot and it's a threeway and the girls had no idea we were going to fulfill one of their hottest fantasies, a Big Black Cock sharing adventure! You may have seen Bri Klien and Kai West both recently on, but before they got there, this was their First scene! Of course they think they're here to shoot with Jake but we know better. After...(READ MORE ABOUT BRI KLEIN KAI WEST 3WAY)

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Video Thumb9: Bri Klein Kai West 3way
ADDED: Oct. 03, 2020 - Amber Green
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You might remember today's Ambushee from ExCoGi, Amber Green, who was exploited in the car and hotel room and is back for more big cock action but not with Jake, who she thinks she'll be shooting with today. Today Amber will be surprised by Isiah and she's NEVER had a black guy before so it's a First for her, her First BBC! What we like about girls like Amber is when there's a big hard cock around, they're quick to drop to their knees and get to work and work Amber does sucking Isiah's BBC in...(READ MORE ABOUT AMBER GREEN)

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ADDED: Sep. 19, 2020 - Jane Rogers
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You saw Jane pop her anal cherry on BackroomCastingCouch, you saw her getting good and fucked on ExploitedCollegeGirls (not to mention a threeway cumfest too!), so what hasn't this 22 year old stripper turned pornstar wannabe done? Taken a big black cock is what, and you know what that means, it's ambush time! We sent our man Jay out to the ranch to pick her up (yes, ranch) and after a few dusty miles she was waiting there with her boyfriend (yes, boyfriend). He's not crazy about Jane fucking...(READ MORE ABOUT JANE ROGERS)

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