Black Ambush

These girls are going to have sex with a black man today. They just don't know it yet.


ADDED: Apr. 06, 2019 - Jasmine
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Jasmine is our slut of the week, an 18 year old that's been wanting to fuck on film from a yipe young age. She's here to do her first film but we have a surprise for her, she's going to be taking black cock today. Her boyfriend has no idea she's even here, but hey he's boring anyway in for a shock when he finds out she's shooting porn and taking black dick and loving it. When Jason comes strolling in with that big cock hardon, Jasmine isn't sure what's up but when it's time to put up or get out,...(READ MORE ABOUT JASMINE)

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ADDED: Mar. 30, 2019 - Ivy
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Ivy flew to us, an excited 22 year old, looking to do a porn scene but she had no idea we were going to pair her with a black guy. She's fairly adventurous which we like, having done threesomes and anal too but today, you're going to be taking a big black dick Ivy. With Jason sitting there as she plays with that nice pink pussy, when finally presented with it close up, she goes to that black cock instantly playing with it and sucking it but it's not long before she's being penetrated and you can...(READ MORE ABOUT IVY)

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ADDED: Mar. 23, 2019 - Maddi
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Maddi is a beauty we got from our friends at ExCoGi and we are very glad we did. She is a horny blonde fuck slut ready to screw the camera guy at any moment as she plays with herself, but we had other plans for her. We had Jason and his BBC waiting for her. Like most girls she wasn't long making her way over to see how big that black cock was and to stuff it down her throat like she hasn't eaten in a week. She grabbed onto Jason's cock and quickly hopped on for a ride. This girl was so horny for...(READ MORE ABOUT MADDI)

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ADDED: Mar. 16, 2019 - Ella
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Ella is your typical hot 23 year old, a total slut but doesn't want you to know it. She knows she's hot and we know it too, what she doesn't know is she's going to take a big black dick today! I will say, when she saw the size of Jovan's cock, you could see it in her eyes, this slut was hoping she was going to get that big black meat stick, well this is your lucky day Ella. She slobbers all over it like a girl on a lollipop before getting her pussy violated deep. When it was all done, Ella was...(READ MORE ABOUT ELLA)

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ADDED: Mar. 09, 2019 - Lyra
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Lyra is a cute brunette with nice natural boobs but the best part, she's a self confessed super slut and being she is only 20 years old and already fucked 50+ guys, we agree, slut for sure! This horny girl is adventurous and barely flinched when Jason walked in with his big black cock ready for action. Quick to stuff it in her mouth things got crazy from there. Lyra showed she can take a face fucking like no other and clearly likes a rough pounding. She creams all over that black cock many times...(READ MORE ABOUT LYRA)

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ADDED: Mar. 02, 2019 - Petra
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I knew from our communications Petra was a freak so when she walked through that hotel room door we didn't waste any time, show us what you got. Petra obliged of course. Then when she came walking out of the bathroom and saw a big black cock waiting for her, that we said she had to fuck first, you could see the joy in her eyes, this girl was a slut at heart and wanted any cock ready to be given to her. It's bigger than her boyfriend's cock she said, no doubt and no doubt her boyfriend won't be...(READ MORE ABOUT PETRA)

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ADDED: Feb. 23, 2019 - Kit
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Kit is a beautiful, recently divorced, college educated woman who is down for anything. She begged me to let her star in one of my films, so I told her I'd film her, but she had to fuck my friend Jason first. This is a day of firsts for the wide eyed blonde: her first porn scene and first time with a black man. "That's like a weapon!" she shouted as soon as she saw his massive cock, but that didn't stop her from attempting to jam his whole member down her throat. When Jason put her on her...(READ MORE ABOUT KIT)

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ADDED: Feb. 16, 2019 - Chloe
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Want to know how to get a a desperate girl to do anything you want? Show her a few hundred dollars and promise that you'll keep it secret. Chloe thought she was fucking me at a cheap motel for my private film collection. She came highly recommended by my friend and seemed like the perfect candidate per her resume: a few girl/girl adult videos, photo spreads for Penthouse & Hustler and is into "freaky shit". I had her masturbating on the bed when suddenly there was a knock on the door. Her...(READ MORE ABOUT CHLOE)

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ADDED: Feb. 02, 2019 - Eden
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Eden was excited to do porn, eager we will say even but she was in for a lot more than she thought coming to Black Ambush. She's no rookie to sex but not a pro either and our camera guy got her naked and playing before the black cock strolled on in. With a blindfold on, she got her first taste of that cock and once she saw what she was in for, Eden was soon riding it like she was in some kind of rodeo challenge!(READ MORE ABOUT EDEN)

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ADDED: Jan. 19, 2019 - Chloe
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Chloe is a real cutie all giggles to do her first porn scene and first thing she wants to do is shower to get ready for it and ready she got masturbating herself while we watched. Being opened minded in this business is a good thing because when she comes out and see's Jovan's big black cock she didn't know what to think. Not to worry, she was willing to do it all riding that dick and taking it hard and deep until her pussy gets filled up with creamy cum.(READ MORE ABOUT CHLOE)

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