Black Ambush

These girls are going to have sex with a black man today. They just don't know it yet.


ADDED: Aug. 18, 2018 - Chanel
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Chanel turned 18 just 3 weeks ago, but unlike most barely legal porn debutantes, this girl seems to know what she wants in life and has a plan to get there. Any freshly minted 18 year old who graduates High School early, takes college courses, wants to learn about FOREX trading, and has decided to combine her love for sex and financial needs by joining the porn industry is already a step ahead. But she's still a newb of life in many ways. The boys she's dated in High School are no match for who...(READ MORE ABOUT CHANEL)

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ADDED: Aug. 04, 2018 - Emily
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You know an update is good when you're fapping so much while editing it, you're not sure you're gonna hit the deadline. Such is the case with busty blonde Emily. Luckily there isn't much to edit with a beauty like Emily. I do take out my voice during sex scenes whenever I have to give direction. Nobody likes some off-screen male dude talking during sex. There's no need to point out how goddamn hot this girl is, you see this for yourself. So just a few quick notes: Emily is very nervous when I...(READ MORE ABOUT EMILY)

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ADDED: Jul. 21, 2018 - Nikki
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"Kinda creepy", 18 year old Nikki says when white director Troy ushers her into his van at the airport, with cameras already recording her. Oh sweet Tennessee teen, you've seen nothing yet. We like to put girls on their toes immediately and set the tone. "You're open minded and swing with the punches, right?" is one of our favorite verbal traps, and once again it works. Proving her singing star ambitions, Troy asks her to belt out a tune, which he instantly regrets. Luckily she sings a...(READ MORE ABOUT NIKKI)

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ADDED: Jul. 07, 2018 - Sunny
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Yes, that's a hot busty blonde getting fucked in her ass by a big black cock in the preview pic above. But we'll get to that.
When a stunning blonde with big natural tits shows up with a business book under her arm, and a sense of intellectual humor that rivals a stand-up comedian, you want to take notice. Sunny is smarter and more ambitious than the average trollop, and that's a hot and dangerous combo. She enjoys sucking and fucking dick and pussy in front of the camera - for now. But...(READ MORE ABOUT SUNNY)

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ADDED: Jun. 23, 2018 - Katie Rose
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Busty Venezuela cutie Katie doesn't find out that she will be having sex with a huge black man today - her first - until there is a knock at the door as she tries to get off with a vibrator in front of white camera guy Troy. She told us a moment ago that she had only ever had sex with Hispanic guys, so this could get interesting. When our 6-foot-6 giant of a cock lord Jovan walks in, a naked and excited Katie, several heads shorter than Big J, is visibly excited and intrigued.

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ADDED: Jun. 09, 2018 - Laiken
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Laiken is cheating on her boyfriend today, with a humongous black cock, no less - except even SHE doesn't know that yet. Beautiful, petite Laiken believes that our white camera guy is the one who'll do the deed with her. He leads her on well, too, as usual. Troy interviews her, gets her out of those super sexy yoga pants, has her masturbate with a big toy, and draws all the juicy personal details out of her. Turns out that Laiken attends nursing college because she likes to take care of people....(READ MORE ABOUT LAIKEN)

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ADDED: May. 26, 2018 - Marnie
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23 year old office temp Marnie is very white, very skinny, likes to work on cars and motorcycles like her daddy taught her when he wasn't being a deadbeat (her words) and considering our newbie has never stripped, or done a cam show, or done anything remotely "adult industry" related, we're quite surprised she's even here today. But then again, she does confess to having had a lot of guys in her life, and loves hard porn, so sex is clearly high on her favorites list.
Marnie is sweet,...(READ MORE ABOUT MARNIE)

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ADDED: May. 12, 2018 - Renee
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When we say our 20 year old French-Irish-German blonde spinner Renee has given mouth-to-mouth to over a hundred people, that's not a euphemism for saying she's had triple digit sex partners. No, Renee is a real lifeguard in Tampa , Florida, with swimsuit and EMT license and sexy tan lines, and everything.
When she's not busy dragging fat tourists out of the water, Renee enjoys being cocked down by Italian guys (surprisingly, the wife beater- wearing kind, not the Armani suit- wearing kind....(READ MORE ABOUT RENEE )

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ADDED: Apr. 28, 2018 - Desiree
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Any woman that makes hardened porn pro Jovan Jordan cum early must be very, very special. Desiree was a computer programmer for most of her adult life (yes, really), but having sex and cumming on camera just sounds a lot more fun. Our super hot geek is nervous and it shows, but she's also excited to do her first big porn shoot (she's done some solo vid stuff before). White guy Troy takes photos and tickles all the juicy personal tidbits out of Desiree, including the fact that she has a...(READ MORE ABOUT DESIREE)

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ADDED: Apr. 14, 2018 - Tiffany
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Tiffany is here today to cheat on her man. And that's pretty much it, she says. Our blonde cheater has no intentions of doing any other porn shoots. She just wanted to get fucked on camera and then rub it in her boyfriend's face forever. We are more than happy to facilitate this domestic squabble, but we will keep one teensy surprise to ourselves until she's sipping her tea in the kitchen, wondering when her first and only porn shoot is about to begin. The answer, dear Tiffany, is right after...(READ MORE ABOUT TIFFANY)

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