Black Ambush

These girls are going to have sex with a black man today. They just don't know it yet.


ADDED: Jul. 08, 2017 - Catlynn
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When 20 year old Catlynn confesses that she likes to be choked to orgasm, and had 4 guys including her boyfriend fuck and cum in her ass and she loved it, we know we have to shift gears immediately - this girl is a whole different level of kink, and we better play along. So we do. Troy takes on the role of "Master", much to Catlynn's delight. After some hyping up of the sexual tension, he reveals that Cat will in fact be having sex with someone else. That someone just knocked on the door so...(READ MORE ABOUT CATLYNN)

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ADDED: Jul. 01, 2017 - Tayler
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22 yo ex-webcam girl Tayler shows up at the airport, looking like she just fell out of a birds nest. After throwing as much makeup at her as we can find, we realize no matter how much you glam up this girl, she's gonna be a pasty white trailer trash from Vegas who talks like she's in a gang or something. Granted, she is pretty funny. And those big natural tits are awesome. And yes, she's as open-minded as she claims to be. She's super nervous when she finds out that instead of the camera dude,...(READ MORE ABOUT TAYLER)

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ADDED: Jun. 24, 2017 - Anna
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Anna is really excited about her first porno today. She doesn't know exactly what to expect but she hopes for a tall athletic guy who is experienced in the art of lovemaking. You see, poor Anna had a very strict Catholic upbringing in her German-American family, and as such has only started to have sex in college, ie recently. Having never been with a black guy, we have to hold our breath for a moment as big black porn god JD reveals himself to our blonde newbie. After the initial shock, Anna...(READ MORE ABOUT ANNA)

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ADDED: Jun. 17, 2017 - Alex
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Alex More has done a few porn shoots before - it's her way to be a feminist, as she explains. Plus, she gets physically wet from sucking dick. So there's that. Yes, she really is that cool, and she can prove it. Alex expects today to be just another romp with a white guy, in a nice studio, with pretty lights and expensive pro camera gear - until she walks into the cheap hotel room and is surprised by 2 huge black dudes waiting for her. Always up for a challenge - and big cocks - Alex is happy to...(READ MORE ABOUT ALEX)

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ADDED: Jun. 10, 2017 - Arielle
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22 year old redhead Arielle has a high profile corporate job with a very well known large company - she doesn't need porn money. She does need the sexual excitement though. Already divorced from her High School sweetheart, she's now with a boyfriend who enjoys sharing his girlfriend with other dudes. That's perfect because Arielle loves strange dick. Often. We actually find out AFTER Arielle's ambush that her boyfriend was waiting in the car the entire time. Hilarious!

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ADDED: Jun. 04, 2017 - Frida
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Find out why 19 year old part-time stripper/ part-time airport employee Frida is basically doing her first porn because of Beyonce, and how you, too, can earn sexual favors from our leggy babe by being her friend. Then watch as this sunny TSA-approved pleaser tries to hold it together when she learns that today she will be having sex with a black man - for the first time in her life. We have guest ambusher Ray and he's doing a great job considering it's his first time on camera, too. How does it...(READ MORE ABOUT FRIDA)

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ADDED: May. 27, 2017 - Tara
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19 year old Irish-American nurse Tara works too much to date boys but likes to have the occasional fun with big cocks. It's been many months since she broke up with her boyfriend and she hasn't had any sex since. At all. She thinks that maybe the porn industry can help. Luckily for us, we were the first ad she replied to on her quest to cum n' go. Not that our ads mention anything about a huge black guy...
Tara is excited to see what today's mysterious shoot will bring. We're always sparse...(READ MORE ABOUT TARA)

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ADDED: May. 20, 2017 - Barbara
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Married and sexually unfulfilled California blonde Barbara sounded so shy and nervous about doing her first porn video when we talked over the phone, we have to double check to make sure the right girl is sitting in front of us when she tells us cock-raising sex stories from her High School days. Like the one about being double penetrated - "one in my ass, one in my pussy - and I loved it". A few more minutes of hanging with Barbie and it's clear this girl is a genuine sex freak, one even her...(READ MORE ABOUT BARBARA)

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ADDED: May. 13, 2017 - Taylor
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YOLO! It doesn't get much more fun than hanging out with busty Mexican-American cock tease Taylor. She is bubbly, happy, and sexy regardless if the cameras are running or not. We spend some time hanging out for Cinco de Mayo getting stares on her massive tits before we head off to the "studio" (ok, cheap hotel) for Taylor's very first porn shoot. She's so excited to get some side cock - as long as her husband doesn't find out! That's right, big boob babe here is married and wants to be playing...(READ MORE ABOUT TAYLOR)

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ADDED: May. 06, 2017 - Jessica
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19 year old beautiful blonde first timer Jessica has only done foot fetish videos before. She'll tell you all about it during her interview and even demonstrates how she does it. Foot fans, that segment is mandatory viewing for you. After that we focus on what we're here for - Jessica's first bona fide porn shoot. Like many girls her age, she wants to start earning some real money and having done those foot fetish clips for her fans, she feels comfortable doing some REAL porn now. Luckily for...(READ MORE ABOUT JESSICA)

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