Black Ambush

These girls are going to have sex with a black man today. They just don't know it yet.


ADDED: Mar. 31, 2018 - Katie
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A tiny squirter and a huge black man clash in the best ways imaginable today. Petite office cutie Katie, just expecting to do an easy porn scene today so that she can pay her car and rent, is in for the surprise of her life when she learns that instead of the white camera guy she's been flirting with, her porn scene will be with an African-American male partner whose trouser python could quite possibly strangle her in bed. Shocked and taken aback at first when she unpacks Jovan's massive cock,...(READ MORE ABOUT KATIE)

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ADDED: Mar. 17, 2018 - Ivonna
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Anal! Yes, we finally managed to get a girl who can take Jovan's enormous black cock in her ass. It wasn't easy, it took preparation (we left some of that in the final cut for ummm...educational purposes?) and lots of lube, but we got it. Ivonna is a part time cam girl hoping to make the jump to the glamorous world of adult films. Instead of a nice studio, catering, or a makeup artist who can fix that awful foundation job she did to herself on the way to the airport, Ivonna gets to suck a big...(READ MORE ABOUT IVONNA)

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ADDED: Mar. 03, 2018 - Devon
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It's Valentine's Day but instead of spending today with her boyfriend, 18 year old super cute Devon decided to do her very first boy-girl porn scene. Excited and nervous, our adorable first-timer has no idea what's in store for her today. Boy/Girl shoot - yes. But not with the middle aged white guy who picks her up from the airport, gets her naked, and feeds her dinner. Not that she has any idea that today, petite Devon will be fucking the biggest, blackest cock she has ever seen. After getting...(READ MORE ABOUT DEVON)

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ADDED: Feb. 17, 2018 - Chanel
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What could drive a "good girl" who has only had 1 guy in her life to suddenly decide to do a porn scene and start fucking other dudes like it's her new hobby? Trump deporting that 1 guy, that's what. Seriously, 22 year old Italian-Native American cutie Chanel has played it safe with her Mexican man for years. Chanel is quite shy and nervous about today. She didn't want to tell us at first why she "broke up" with him but it slipped out that he actually got deported. Now she is making her...(READ MORE ABOUT CHANEL)

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ADDED: Feb. 03, 2018 - Renee
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After many months of trying to make this project work with local amateur BBCs, we decided to bring in a pro to do the ambushing. Meet professional sex-haver and monster cock owner Jovan Jordan. Unlike some of the losers before him, Jovan always gets hard, and stays hard, and his energy with the ladies is unmatched. Jovan is a true sex god with a huge, very thick black cock. The dude really is incredible, and he and white cam n' scam guy Troy work together well.
Up first we have pretty,...(READ MORE ABOUT RENEE)

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ADDED: Jan. 20, 2018 - Autumn
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21 year old sugar baby Autumn initially agreed to have sex with white guy Rick on camera for his personal porn collection. She's into "older" guys and admits to have daddy issues, so this arrangement suits her just fine. A hundredfiddy bucks should do it. But our busty gold digger quickly turns into a negotiation master when big black cocklord P-Nutty makes his entrance. Rick reveals to Autumn that his fetish is to watch girls bang black dudes with big dicks. "What if I don't want to?", Autumn...(READ MORE ABOUT AUTUMN)

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ADDED: Jan. 06, 2018 - Laysa
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Lots of money hungry ladies are replying to ads from "private collectors" who are offering a few bucks to girls willing to get fucked on camera for their private collections. Those videos supposedly don't go anywhere so it feels like a no-lose proposition to these gold diggers. One such nugget is tall stripper Laysa. The pics she had sent Rick made her look like a pasty Indian girl. Turns out she's half-Rwandan, German, and Irish, and in person, this fun chick looks mostly the former. Well...(READ MORE ABOUT LAYSA)

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ADDED: Jan. 06, 2018 - Kodi Walkout
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Pastor's daughter Kodi was one of the most promising girls we've had in a while. She is a self-described nympho and sex addict - and proud of it. She only lost her virginity at 19, always having to be the "good girl" so as not to embarrass her daddy. Well, all that is over today.
Sitting topless in the car, Kodi happily tells us about some of her sexual experiences, and her sexual energy only grows at the hotel as white boy Troy gets her to strip, plays with her, and much to her delight,...(READ MORE ABOUT KODI WALKOUT)

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ADDED: Dec. 24, 2017 - Cassidy
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We have a new black ambusher named P-Nutty (yeah!) who can't wait to get his big black cock into some white girls ASAP. Up first: Cassidy, 21, newly singly, considers herself mostly a good girl. Except she answered white guy Rick's ad about fucking him on camera for 150 bucks. She enjoys masturbating for him but just when she thinks he's about to dip his man-stick in her, he reveals: ""I have a surprise for you, I know I said I would be the one having sex with you but I have a fetish and I want...(READ MORE ABOUT CASSIDY)

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ADDED: Aug. 28, 2017 - Aleksa
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We take 19 year old Portland, OR first-timer Aleksa out shopping and grab some food before heading to the "studio", which to Aleksa's disappointment is merely a cheap hotel room with a noisy refrigerator and a broken toilet door. But she says she's open minded and willing to roll with the punches in order to get her start in the porn business with today's scene.Let's see how she handles the BIG surprise later...
Our submissive redhead is a dog lover and a caretaker in her personal life...(READ MORE ABOUT ALEKSA)

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