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Released: August 24, 2019
Runtime: 01:12:43


20 year old Catrina is a cam girl and sexual firecracker who dips her pretty manicured feet into porn waters for the first time today. She isn't really sure what to expect but she assumes that, as with much of the naughty videos she watches at home, the camera guy is going to fuck her. But our man Troy has a different plan for her. He gets her naked and asks her to masturbate with a vibrator the way she would do it at home in private, not like she does it for her customers on a cam show. Sure enough, Catrina brings herself to orgasm quickly. Just as she expects that Troy is going to get it on with her, a knock at the hotel room door startles her. Troy tells her that this would be her male talent. "You're open-minded, right?" is his favorite line because that pretty much guarantees a yes from any girl. When Catrina opens the door in all her naked glory, she peeks out and sneers back at Troy because she sees a huge black man trying to get in. That look on her face the Catrina's body language when big Jovan walks in tells us that this isn't exactly what our blonde nympho was expecting. After getting comfortable together on the bed, Troy makes sure Catrina is OK with having sex on camera with this huge black dude. Consent is everything and Catrina gets the option to bail (and not get paid). She decides to stay - and we're happy she does. In fact, once Troy tells her and Jovan that it's time to start the scene, our petite blonde turns up the sexuality knob to 10 and starts kissing Jovan. Our dark stud is immediately fired up by Catrina's advances. When she unpacks Jovan's massive black cock, the look on her face tells us she's glad that she decided to stay for this. Big boy! And Catrina likes big cocks, as we can tell from her eager sucking and kissing and licking. Now fully hard, Jovan's BBC takes center stage in Catrina's life. What was a nervous, almost panicky young girl is now a bona fide cock worshiper who fucks that big black cock like a true pornstar. It's one of the most energetic and enthusiastic fuck sessions we've seen in a long time and both Catrina and her black lover are in the moment and enjoying the sweaty sex romp. Catrina cums over and over again, her legs shaking and quivering. "Fuck me harder!", she says and so our dark lord treats her like his sex doll, just the way she loves it. She wasn't kidding when she said that she requires a guy to fuck her hard in order for her to cum. Jovan delivers exactly what she craves, as we can tell by her numerous visceral orgasms. Nympho Catrina lets Jovan cum inside her pussy and she takes Troy's challenge to scoop up and eat whatever hasn't found its way into her womb by topping that by licking off the black lord's semen from the bed spread. What a dirty, dirty girl - just the way we like 'em! Catrina is absolutely made for the porn business and we hope to see her again soon in the jizz biz. A girl so enthusiastic for cock has got to share her energy with the world!