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Kara Danvers

Kara Danvers

Kara Danvers

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Released: September 21, 2019
Runtime: 01:12:28


19 year old gorgeous - regal, even - Cara, now know as Kara Danvers, made her porn debut a few days earlier with our friends over at ExCoGi, so today BA's resident camera guy and smooth talker Troy doesn't waste time rehashing a lot of personal questions. For Kara's background, personal sexual history, and all the other good personality stuff, watch her ExCoGi scene first, and then come back here. Troy lets Kara believe that today will be much like her ExCoGi scene, "but with some surprises, so keep an open mind!", as he points out, and gets her naked and comfy with a vibrator. Apparently Kara's boyfriend loves watching her doing sexual things on camera, including have sex with strangers, so Troy encourages Kara to talk to her boyfriend as she's doing unleashing her on-camera nympho.

Kara is naked and gorgeous, working toward an orgasm with a vibrator inside her pussy, when a loud knock on the door rattles her out of her comfort zone. She looks scared as she sits up and she can't believe what she sees when our camera guy opens the hotel room door and lets in 6-foot 6 gigantic black cock lord Jovan to inspect today's goods. Kara has a choice to make - accept the challenge to have sex with her first black man today, or leave without that porn paycheck. Luckily for us, she ends up deciding to at least give it a try with Jovan.

And you know what? It's probably the best decision she's ever made. After unpacking the dark lord's gigantic black cock and realizing that this enormous dick is what she'll have to be sucking and fucking today, Kara starts waking up sexually. Jovan eats her out a bit before letting her try and fit his huge cock in her mouth, at which she eventually succeeds. Look how her pretty white girl mouth gets stretched out by Jovan's huge black cock, and she's loving it. So hot! "You're bigger than my boyfriend", Kara moans when she rides her black lover's BBC on the couch. We get to watch our beautiful Kara getting speared in reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl, the latter which makes her cum and Jovan almost lose it, too. But nuh-uh, this scene ain't over, so Kara and Jovan take things over to the bedroom to continue the fuck session. The sexual energy is now at an all time high for both of them as she sucks his BBC more, and even gives him a rimjob! What follows is one energetic and enthusiastic interracial fuck fest that leaves both our lovely Kara and our black stud Jovan more than satisfied. From more cowgirl to super hot doggy style (including split screen!) to sideshow, Kara may well be willing to trade in her boyfriend for Jovan's big black cock magic. But all good things cum to an end (hehe) when our stud unloads his sperm inside Kara's pussy. Troy captures the creampie from 3 cameras and then spends a good amount of time getting closeups of the insemination mess, so creampie lovers are going to be enjoying this bit a lot.

After getting fucked and filled with cum by her first black cock, Kara reveals herself to be a funny, self-deprecating girl, sarcastically calling herself "what a fucking princess, Miss America right here". She makes a heart with her fingers at her boyfriend who will presumably be watching this with his dick in one hand. We can't help but laugh with them but fact is that our future nurse really is a beautiful yet cock crazed teen nympho who would go far in the porn biz if she chooses to stay. Let's hope she does.