Kayley Gunner

Kayley Gunner

Kayley Gunner

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Released: July 25, 2020
Runtime: 01:05:19


"Well how are you?" inquired Isiah Maxwell our BBC of unsuspecting Kayley Gunner as she entered the ambush bathroom. "Better now" she declared with a surprised and embarrassed smirk on that pretty face that Jake the director just unloaded a stick gob of goo in just 2 minutes prior. I just love the surprised looks on our ambushee's faces as they try their darndest to not stare at Isiah's massive black cock as he approaches to survey the goodies he's about to devour moments after the BBC surprise. Yes just a mere 9min & 36sec earlier, eager and horny Kayley was all smiles and excited as fuck to get Jake the director's big cock again, begging him out on the patio to cum in her mouth. Which he most kindly obliged to this young lady like the gentleman he's not. Making this the 1st and 2nd fastest times Kayley's ever met up then sucked and then fucked someone. What a little tramp our Kayley is and we love it. Now if you haven't seen Kayley's debut over at ExCoGi our Ex-Military gunner confessed she's only been with mediocre sized cocks before. We're sorry Kayley and all that's about to change today for her second ever black cock. Yes it's been a long time since big titted Kayley has had a black cock. 8 years to be exact when a brother took her cherry. But he's nothing compared to our stud Isiah and his magnificent, erect, protruding, blood sausage of a member. In fact, Kayley has never seen a cock that massive and until she met Jake's and now Isiah's mighty phallic's, we think she thought cock only reached sizes of 6 inches from the way she described her past sexual encounters. Well Kayley, being ex-military you should know guns come in all sizes, shapes and calibers and you need to be able to handle whatever is thrown at you. Yes, she tried her best not to gag as Isiah grabs that sweet head of hers and thrusts his cock down her throat, but having a cock that massive rammed down your throat is something she's only had wet dreams about. Well Kayley, dreams do come true and Isiah unloaded his dreams all over you today showing you what you've been missing all these years. Let's just say Isiah with his military precision unloaded his fun gun in her bunker, then commandingly instructed her to lick it all up after it oozed out of that freshly wrecked pussy and we thank him for his service. But did Kayley push her limits and follow all orders instructed of her during today's mission you ask? Of course she did and she only screamed her safe word bananas a few times? We just love hearing that word. It means we've reached that ever so sweet tipping point of too much and we know our mission has been accomplished. But is too much ever too much? Not from the girls we enlist. Too much is never enough and Isiah gets right back to it and there's lots of boot camp fucking and sucking action in this one you're going to like. So dig your fingers into your fox holes ladies. Grab hold your fun guns soldiers because Keylay here to show you the finest gun handling our military has to offer. Oh yeah, her chest torpedoes are pretty spectacular as well so enjoy bodacious boob action as well in this all out assault of a newbie who's never been properly dicked before. Your welcome Kayley Gunner and we salute you! GOD BLESS AMERICA and BBC surprises at Black Ambush. At ease soldiers. Fall out!!! Dismissed!!!


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