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Kinsley Kane

Kinsley Kane

Age: 19

Kinsley Kane

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Video Info:

Released: June 26, 2021
Runtime: 01:07:28


Today's Ambush might not seem fresh to those of you familiar with the sexy Kinsley Kane. She’s been in the industry now for 9 months or so you say? But you know the special thing about this video is even though it's been some time since this was shot, the fact remains that this was her 2nd sex on camera and shot the day after her 1st sex on camera at ExCoGi. There’s just something special about capturing a young girl's milestones in life with "moving pictures,” preserving her innocence, documenting the excitement and buildup, freezing in time the freshness of the moment of that oh so special day when a girl takes her FIRST BBC Ever. For a millennium ever and ever and ever and ever. That’s a long time. Ok, so now that we know this scene was shot when Kinsley was fresh as fuck and ready to get her groove on, she thinks she's back to work with JJay the director and she couldn’t be more excited. So how does one make a girl feel special when they’re there to be paid for fucking on camera? You take them shopping of course, and this little shopping spree helps set our ambush for what Kinsley thinks is just another fun pussy packed day of white boy sex. Yes you guessed it, Kinsley’s never fucked a black guy before and declares she usually has to make herself cum during sex. All of which are about to change today and I bet you thought she had all her firsts over at ExCoGi. So it’s off to make Kinsley feel special and she picks out a cute yellow top and black shorts, both of which once back at the condo are taken off as quickly as they were put on. Who really wants to see a girl get dressed right? Well for most guys that would mean they’ve already busted a nut and your one night stand is leaving, which usually is a good thing. But if you haven’t busted a nut yet, watching a girl get dressed means you fucked up somehow and she’s leaving, resulting in blue balls for you. Luckily it’s neither of those and JJay just wants to see her in it since he bought it. But once it's off she’s on her knees sucking his cock like any good little girl would thank a stranger who had just bought her something at the mall. So during this sloppy wet BJ, JJay tells her he can’t wait to fuck that tight pussy of hers again and she’s off to the bedroom for another round of white dick... oh so she thinks. Well not so fast honey. We have a special surprise waiting for you and his name is Isiah with his big long black cock. Of course he wastes no time shoving it down her throat just seconds after surprising her for her first proper deep throating. If I hadn’t captured this milestone moment on film you probably wouldn’t believe this is her first BBC. And she took Isiah all the way, balls deep down her throat! It's amazing, you have to see it! You just have to! The rest of the scene was just as amazeballs as the bathroom sex and this girl also squirts for the first time ever. It’s a pussy tsunami of milestones today and she even shattered her orgasm record, doubling it, cumming 4 times before getting black seed planted all over that pretty face of hers. It’s pretty amazing I’m telling you. So sit back. Get ready, and as Johnny would say… "HERE’’s KINSLEY"!