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Katie Rose

Katie Rose

Katie Rose

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Released: June 23, 2018
Runtime: 01:18:31


Busty Venezuela cutie Katie doesn't find out that she will be having sex with a huge black man today - her first - until there is a knock at the door as she tries to get off with a vibrator in front of white camera guy Troy. She told us a moment ago that she had only ever had sex with Hispanic guys, so this could get interesting. When our 6-foot-6 giant of a cock lord Jovan walks in, a naked and excited Katie, several heads shorter than Big J, is visibly excited and intrigued. When Jovan tells her to sit on his lap, our big titted mamacita does as she's told. She drinks in his compliments and she lets him play and suck on her tits, and lick her pussy until she's close to cumming. No complaints or protests or pleas to take a break - a very good sign. Katie and Jovan take things to the bedroom where we get to watch these two get at it under better lighting. You'll enjoy watching tiny Katie swallow and then get impaled by Jovan's huge black cock over and over and over again. His mega-rod barely fits in either her mouth or her tight Latina pussy, but somehow she makes it work. The longer she has him inside her, the more she needs his cock and the wilder she gets. Their fuck session escalates into wild, rough sex with slapping and choking, and Katie can't seem to get enough of her first bbc. Sweaty and very much in love with that big black cock, Katie is easily talked into trying anal. But unfortunately things don't work out as smoothly with that as the boys hoped. In this video you'll see something you'll probably never see anywhere else - the director actually calls off the anal. Why? You'll have to watch the video to find out. But a hint: as you can see from the butt sex preparation segment (dramatically condensed for time in this video, took over 25 minutes in real life), all efforts were made to make this happen. We like to push girls' comfort zones and have some fun, but despite Black Ambush being what it is, we never push the girls into things that could be harmful to them, whether they actually are aware of this or not. Safety is of utmost importance and if that means not being able to check the "Anal" keyword for an update, then so be it. Another rarity is watching a true professional sex-haver like Jovan lose control over his orgasm and cum early. Katie is riding Jovan with that bomb pussy of hers, he pulls out just before he's about to cum and just when he thinks he's managed to save his load, he squirts his semen over her ass, pussy and back thigh. Troy barely got the camera in position in time, that's how much of a surprise it was to everyone. Jovan feels absolutely horrible for that but of course cumming early is something most of us dudes have experienced (and some of us experience constantly - it's really not a big deal). To make the most out of this unexpected incident, Troy makes Katie lick off all of Jovan's cum, then suck him off some more to get every last drop of jizz out of him (surprisingly there is still a lot more in those huge balls of his, as you will see), then spit out the whole mess on his leg and then suck it all back up. And then swallow it all. Yeah it's pretty fucking dirty but hey, she escaped a creampie so really, she should be happy she got off easy. Plus, apparently Jovan is pretty tasty. You're welcome, Katie. Born in Venezuela, you'd think Katie Rose could remember her Spanish a bit better. Half the time she can't remember what certain sexual things are called in Spanish, so feel free to send us a list of filthy Spanish words and sentences Katie should have known. Maybe we can have another Latina in the future say them. We think that sort of thing is fucking hot, how about you?