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Released: May 4, 2019
Runtime: 01:22:25


Ready for an anal extravaganza featuring a big titted blonde, blue-eyed amateur and BBC dark lord Jovan? Download the 1080p or SD version right now and open up a fresh box of tissues, you'll need 'em. 23 year old Lindsay has done nudie photos before but today marks the big day she'll officially be entering into the world of porn. White camera guy Troy wastes little time getting Lindsay naked and her natural tits and tight round ass oiled up, while having her answer all the pressing private questions we all want to have answered. It turns out Lindsay has been putting toys in her ass for pleasure for some time, but never had an actual cock in her. Troy tells her that he wants her to try real anal sex today, to which she agrees, thinking it'll be with him. They use increasingly bigger dildos in Lindsay's ass and keep the biggest one there to get her really ready. After she gets on her knees in the kitchen, with the big plug in her ass (closeups!) , Lindsay learns that Troy won't actually be the guy taking her anal virginity. "My dick is way too small to be in porn", he says. Lindsay was probably hoping that would actually be a great first time for anal then, but OK. So who WILL be fucking her ass on camera then? Troy won't say but a few minutes later, we hear a knock on the door. Lindsay is still on all fours in the kitchen, with that toy in her ass, when huge black cock lord Jovan walks in. He's delighted by the greeting. Lindsay...a little less so. But hey, her choices are either to walk out with nothing, or at least give that big black hunk of a man a try and be a pornstar. How bad does she want it? Pretty badly, apparently because she is super open to do everything the boys want her to. First up: a fun cock sucking session with Lindsay prone on the kitchen counter, first regular and then reverse deep-throat. Somewhat pensive at first, Lindsay is able to take Jovan's huge black cock deeper and deeper. Just look how massive that cock is next to our 5'3 blonde! Well done, intro Lin, now it's off to the living room couch for some cowgirl and reverse cowgirl - and she still has that big butt plug in her ass when Jovan fucks her tight pussy. The lighting is weird and the couch too hard so Lindsay and Jovan take things to the bedroom where things really heat up. Jovan eats her out and plays with that butt plug inside her before fucking her pussy in missionary for a moment. But she was all about the anal sex and Jovan is aware of that. How will Lindsay's first time anal go, especially considering it'll be with a black cock the girth of a soda can? Spoiler alert: incredibly well. Having had that butt plug in her for all this time plus Jovan's cock magic really helped make what follows next some of the hottest anal footage yet on Black Ambush. Lindsay takes it in her ass over and over again for what probably amounts to record time. Missionary anal, spoon/sideshow anal, assfucking in doggy style (with split screen, fuck yeah!), Lindsay just keeps taking Jovan's BBC in her now ex-virgin ass over and over and over. There is some real passion and Lindsay loses all inhibitions when they kiss and she even does Ass-To-Mouth (ATM). That's right, our pretty blonde amateur takes a huge BBC in her ass and sucks him off right after. After being thoroughly ass-fucked, Jovan goes straight from anal to vag so that he can cum inside Lindsay's pussy. Our man unloads a massive load of sperm in our blonde babe, which she pushes out and then on command, like the good girl she is, scoops it up and eats it. She eye-fucks the camera while she does it, knowing full well how thousands (millions?) of guys are fapping themselves into a coma at this point. She wanted the attention and we're pretty sure today's scene got that for her. During the exit interview we learn that Lindsay is disappointed with herself. The boys can't fathom why, this was probably one of the hottest assfucking scenes ever. Turns out Lindsay needs to work on her self-esteem a little. Did you hear her complain about any of it, ever? No. Yet somehow she feels like she could have "taken it better". Ummm....not possible, babe. You took one of porn's biggest cocks in your virgin ass and did so for a long time. We also learn about Lindsay's ultra strict religious upbringing, which explains those bible verse tats on her. And it also explains why she didn't start having sex until she was 20. Well, now here she is, three years later and taking a big black cock in her ass for the world to see. So it all turned out well for everyone it seems.