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Released: May 26, 2018
Runtime: 01:05:04


23 year old office temp Marnie is very white, very skinny, likes to work on cars and motorcycles like her daddy taught her when he wasn't being a deadbeat (her words) and considering our newbie has never stripped, or done a cam show, or done anything remotely "adult industry" related, we're quite surprised she's even here today. But then again, she does confess to having had a lot of guys in her life, and loves hard porn, so sex is clearly high on her favorites list. Marnie is sweet, polite, and excited to work with Troy on her first porn. After the obligatory interview, Marnie gets naked and uses a toy on herself (she might be having an orgasm while she's masturbating and talking to Troy. Not sure, but watch her breath and body language when she does it...). When she finds out that camera dude Troy isn't in fact the guy who will be having sex with her, Marnie's words would suggest she's about to walk out, but the fact that she leaves that vibrator in her pussy as she's freaking out a little tells us otherwise. She still has the toy in her pussy when big black cock lord Jovan Jordan walks in to the house. With his usual swagger and smooth talk, he gets Marnie reasonably comfortable, even more so when he takes charge and starts eating her out right in the living room. After some stirred macaroni dinner (insider joke, follow us on Twitter to get it), Marnie and her surprise black lover take things to the bedroom. Marnie can barely fit Jovan's massive cock in her mouth, but she tries hard and does it well enough to get the master rock hard. What follows is a energetic fuck fest with a guy who has a dick the size of a large eggplant and a girl who looks like she is being split in half by that eggplant. What Jovan loves best about Marnie is that our amateur porn cutie fucks BACK. She rides him hard and fast, then lets him fuck her, and back and forth it goes. Marnie takes as good as she gives in nearly every position. We actually cut the video s short a little bit because these two fuck so long, we were on track of having yet another 100 minute epic like some of these other last updates recently. Since Marnie is enjoying that big black cock so much, we dare approaching her with the ultimate request: how about anal? Jovan and Troy are overjoyed when despite her reservations, Marnie agrees to give it a try. Unfortunately all she can take is a few fingers and the smallest of the anal butt plugs. Step #2 is also the last step in her anal exploration adventure - Marnie is simply to small and tight to take anything remotely as big as Jovan's cock. The two finish up just before total sexual exhaustion sets in when Jovan unloads a creampie inside Marnie. Of course we push the filth factor again and have her squirt his sperm back out on him and then make her eat it all up. Dude fucked 2 other girls the day before so his jizz is pretty chunky but according to Marnie, not terrible tasting. Tangy, she says. Marnie is exhausted, and her holes are pulsating and aching from this fuckathon, but she is clearly happy with Jovan and his black cock magic.